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Torres del Paine National Park
Truly one of the most stunning and majestic natural gems in the world.  Rising out of the flat "pampa" grasslands, the glacier studded Paine massif includes the three 1000 meter towers for which the park is named, glowing turquoise lakes, quiet forested valleys, iceberg lined beaches, and wildlife ranging from guanacos to condors to pumas.  Few places in the world can offer such a diversity of intense beauty.  This is why, even though it is far from everything (5+ hours to nearest airport) it is still one of Chile's most popular parks.
Torres del Paine National Park offers something for everyone.  There is the famous 9 day "circuit" hike using campsites and refugios as well as the high end Hotel Explora, offering 5 star luxury and guided tours inside the park as well as options in between.  As a rule, a visit to Torres is more expensive than elsewhere because of the overhead costs of the operations there. 

There are two comfortable fixed camping options (one being very luxurious) with all inclusive programs in addition to the high end Explora.  Also possible is a self-drive option out of Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas, using some of the hotels inside the park (of which there are only 5) or those right outside (another 3).

At least 4-5 days are required to visit the area, as at least one night will be spent outside the park traveling.  

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