Here's who we recommend:


In the North:

  • Turismo Delfines:  Adventure and traditional tours based out of the lovely city of La Serena. Boat excursions, climbing, Valle de Elqui, and much, much more!
  • Hacienda Los Andes: The hacienda offers tailor-made, adventure activities, riding and colonial lodging. English spoken!
  • Ride Chile: Custom-made trail-riding vacations into the world of the condors in Northern Chile. Sunshine, Criollo horses, and English spoken!


In the Central Region:

  • Trekking Chile: Backerpackers' house – "La Casa Chueca" – and hikers in the Andes. Located in Talca (3.5 hours south of Santiago).


In the South:

  • Campo Aventura: Horse-trekking in the virgin Valdivian Rainforest of Northern Patagonia.
  • BBX Rafting: Rafting experts on Class IV-V Futaleufu in Patagonia, which is famous throughout the rafting world.
  • Victory Cruises: Sailing expeditions to the Artic, Antarctic, Cape Horn, Tierra del Fuego, and South Georgia.
  • Chepu Adventures: Eco operation with kayaks, cabins, penguin hikes, bird-watching and more in the biodiverse valley of Chepu (in Chiloe).
  • Chiloe Birding: The finest place for bird-watching in Chile, with tours run by experts.