Chepu Kayak at Dawn

Travel into the sunken forest of the Chepu River Valley- only 20 kms from Ancud and the watershed of nearly 20% of all the island’s water. The 1960 earthquake caused vast tracks of forest to sink and the rivers to be inundated with salt water on every tide, killing the trees. These trees still stand and are home to countless nesting species of birds. Come enjoy the beauty of this wetland with an overnight at an award winning Ecolodge (Chepu Adventures) and their unforgettable “kayak at dawn” experience.

Price: CLP$ 80,500 per person (approx. USD$ 140 pp).

Includes: one double eco-cabin (there are only four) overlooking the river for two people, dinner, kayak at dawn, and breakfasts

Transport round-trip from Ancud if you don’t have a vehicle costs approx. USD$ 40 pp.


Explore the magical River Chepu at your own pace:

The Day's Itinerary

You’ll put into the tranquil river before dawn on a self guided excursion among the standing trees of the sunken forest - the area often blanketed in mist. The cacophony of birds’ songs will fill the air while the first rays of the sun pierce the white of the fog and the silhouette of the trees stand out.

You’ll then return to the lodge for a relaxing breakfast, accompanied by your wonderful hosts who are fervent conservationists and put their philosophy into practice as all energy consumed is created onsite by solar and wind sources. We’ll then arrange for transport back to Ancud should you need it.