Chepu Sunken Forest + Boat Journey

Travel into the sunken forest of the Chepu River Valley- only 20 kms from Ancud and the watershed of nearly 20% of all the island’s water. The 1960 earthquake caused vast tracks of forest to sink and the rivers to be inundated with salt water on every tide, killing the trees. These trees still stand and are home to countless nesting species of birds.

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Explore the wilds of Chepu Valley


The Day's Itinerary

Private transfer from Ancud to the wilds of Chepu, a remote and hard to access section north of Chiloe National Park. You can embark on a self-guided 1.5 hour old growth forest walk, with ample opportunities to observe native flora and fauna. Keep your eyes and ears alert for:

  • Sonorous tapaculos, classic birds of the rainforest in Southern Chile. If you stay still long enough they will often come right up to your feet to investigate
  • The world's smallest deer, the pudu
  • A millenial Ulmo (Eucryphia cordifolia) tree

After the walk, partake in a delicious farm to table lunch from an organic farm with many locally sourced ingredients.



In the afternoon, Laguna Coluco awaits. We'll board a boat with local fishermen and wind up the Puntra River towards this special fresh water meeting point, wedged in between tidal rivers. On this boat trip it is very common to see endemic beavers, river otters, grebes, and a plethora of local birds. You’d be able to see some of the sunken forest in Chepu on this trip.

Return to Ancud by dinnertime.*


*This can be extended into a 2 day, 1 night tour with the second day being a boat trip over the Chepu River to a self-guided trekking. An adventurous 5 hour round trip hike in Ahuenco gives you the opportunity to explore native, old growth forest. You'll wind up at a remote penguin colony, very little transited by tourists.