Easter Island

Easter Island is one of those few places that throughout the world conjures up thoughts of exotic mysteries yet unsolved. Not only is it the most isolated inhabitant island in the world (3,500 km from continental Chile), it is also home to over 800 of the fabulous Moai statues that attest to the island’s glorious cultural past.

The island is nearly triangular, with only 20 km (12 miles) to a side, with most of the area covered by Rapa Nui National Park. There are less than 6000 permanent inhabitants with over 60% descended from the original Polynesian people; these colonizers arrived around 1000 AD after breathtakingly long ocean journeys from at least 2500 kilometers west.

For the visitor, the island offers much more than palm trees and lovely beaches. One can explore the island and its cultural treasures in organized tours with a variety of lodging options, from mid range to high end luxury. Ask about our Self-Drive options too!

Note: Austral Adventures can offer flight booking from Santiago. Round trip flights generally start from $650 USD per person.

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4 days/3 nights exploring the world's most enchanting island:


Day 1


  • Arrive on Easter Island after the 7 hour flight from Santiago, Chile
  • Welcome reception and transfer to hotel lodging
  • Remainder of day free to enjoy
Day 2

Light day of exploring

  • Half-day Orongo
  • Journey of the Birdman to Tahai complex, Ana Cai Tangata Cave and Rano Kao Volcano
  • Afternoon free to relax in Hanga Roa town
Day 3

Grand Excursion

  • Full-day excursion on the Matua Route to the temples of Akahanga and Tongariki and the quarry of Rano Rakuru (whose slopes have more than 390 statues) and Anakena Beach
  • Box lunch included
Day 4

Final day: Journey and Departure

  • Half-day Akivi
  • The 7 Explorers Route to Ahu Vinapu and Punapao Top knot quarry, Ahu Akavi and Ahu Riata
  • Return to hotel for lunch (not included) and transfer to airport for flight back to mainland Chile

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