Kayak Chiloe

We offer sea kayak rentals for self-guided expeditions, as well as two guided tour options (see below).

Included with rentals: rudder, paddle, pump, spray skirt and life jacket.

Not included: insurance, transport to Oceanside put-in (aprox. 3000 pesos for vehicle)

Kayak rental Double: USD$ 40/day
Kayak rental Single: USD$30/day


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Guided option 1: Kayak at Dawn in the Sunken forest of Chepu:


Enjoy the magical adventure of the cacophony of birds in the Chepu wetlands as day breaks and the sun’s first rays pierce the thick blanket of fog that settles over the river.

This overnight package includes lodging at the Chepu Adventures EcoLodge cabins, dinner with its wonderful hosts Fernando and Amory, an early predawn self-guided paddle (on sit on top kayaks), and a leisurely breakfast upon return.

Transport to and from is included.

Price per person (based on double occupancy): USD$ 155

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Guided option 2: Kayak Rio Grande – 3 days/2 nights

Included: all transport from Ancud, bilingual kayak guide, 2 nights camping (tents provided), 2 breakfasts, 3 picnics, 2 dinners, all activities, limited liability insurance, kayak gear

Not Included: transport Puerto Montt- Ancud- Puerto Montt, tips, alcohol, sleeping bag/mat

Difficulty: Medium- some kayak experience with rudder necessary

Day 1

We’ll meet at the Austral Adventures office overlooking the Bay in Ancud for an introductory talk about the area and what will await us. Then we’ll drive one hour south on the Highway 5 before reaching our put in on the Rio Grande, or Carahueico River. Because these rivers pass through uninhabited (by humans that is!) areas, there are areas with fallen trees that we must negotiate. The river has no white water and these trees are the trickiest thing to negotiate together with the distance. We’ll paddle for about 4 hours on this day, having a picnic on one of the countless beaches and finding another beach where we can pitch our tents for the night, enjoying a campfire by the riverside and a night of extreme quiet under the stars.

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Day 2

We’ll have breakfast by the river as we await for the day to dry off the dew that will have fallen overnight before we break camp- unless it is raining and then we’ll just be brave and go for it! Today we’ll paddle through quiet forests and keep an eye out for native river otters and rare spectacled ducks. Today we’ll have a longer day of paddling of approximately 6-7 hours, stopping for a picnic lunch and rest along quiet beaches and looking for the ideal place for another night’s camping by the water. Dinner and a camp fire will finish off the night before a well-deserved sleep in your tent.

Day 3

After warming up our arms and shoulders we’ll enter the river once again, which by now will have grown from numerous tributaries and be wider as we enter the Cheup wetland area- an area of forest submerged by the 1960’s earthquake and a special nesting area for birds. We will now be nearing the Pacific Ocean- nearly 65 kilometers! Downriver of where we started. Once last picnic and then the last stretch as our river joins the Chepu River. Because of the closeness of the Pacific, we’ll probably have wind in our face and maybe even the tide (the river is tidal at this point) on our last stretch to the takeout at the Anguay Bridge. We’ll arrive around 2-3 PM and load the kayaks and gear on our vehicle before the hour drive back to Ancud.