Discover our one of a kind getaway options at Chil-hué

The Casita

A place to wake up surrounded by pure nature and blissful solitude

When you lift your head from the pillow, you see dolphins in the water. A fishing boat quietly putt-putts past, and then another glides by, and then perhaps a third; By the time you are ready to make your dinner those same boats will be coming back with the freshest crabs, mussels and fish you can buy.


A walk on the beach, kayaking, trekking, and cooking are only some of the activities you can do here at La Casita. Or, you can just do nothing – here on Chiloé, it feels good to do nothing. Just relax, look out over the water, or quietly read.

Something that we particularly encourage you to do is to take the amazing force of prana (energy) into your body. Come and join us for yoga, or have a private yoga class in the tranquil shala on the beach next door. Take time to enjoy the peace and quiet of our surroundings.

Our beach house accommodates up to six people, and it has everything you need for long or short stays.

Prices: 2 people US $200 // 3-4 people US $230 // 5-6 people US $250

Ask about special daily and weekly prices June through August!

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The Tower

A cozy place with great views and great character

The Tower has a tree house feel to it, with an amazing view of the ocean and the volcanoes on the horizon. 

The Tower is a lovely, split-level apartment, crafted out of our home's original water tower! Private and romantic for a couple, but with enough room for a small family, it has a queen-sized bed upstairs and a futon in the living room. The apartment sleeps up to three people, and it has a kitchenette, a private bathroom with a shower, and everything else you need to feel comfortable.

Price: 2 people US $120 // 3 people US $135 

Ask about special daily and weekly prices June through August!

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The Studio

A place that feels like an exotic home away from home

As a wood fire crackles cozily beside your bed, look out into the cool verdant forest, mossy and inviting.


This one floor apartment has two single beds (which make a queen-sized bed if need be) and a futon. Let us know which arrangement better suits your needs. It can sleep up to three adults or a couple with a child. It has a kitchenette with a fridge and everything you need to cook. It also has a private bathroom with a shower.

Both tower apartments are only 80 meters across the field from the beach, whose sandy expanse stretches four kilometers to the east - perfect for sunset walks!

Price: 2 people US $120 // 3 people US $135 

Ask about special daily and weekly prices June through August!

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Enjoy a wide range of activities while you pass the time in your getaway


Personal Yoga Classes in Our Beautiful Shala

Whether you are an experienced yogi or are simply curious about the practice, Chil-hué offers many opportunities to incorporate yoga into your time here, including:

  • Self-practice
  • Private teacher
  • Group sessions
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El Campo


Día del Campo - Agrotourism

Spend an afternoon immersed in the rural life and culture of Chiloe. You'll meet and lunch with the locals, and then observe (you can also lend a hand if you want!) daily life on the campo (farm). Things you should expect to see during your visit: tending of the animals, cultivation of the land, production of marmalade from fresh-picked fruit. You can even see Pacific pescadores pulling their nets from the ocean!

This is a great option for groups, as we can service up to 8 guests.

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Kayak and Paddleboat Rentals – Explore the Island by Sea

There's no better way to experience Chiloé than on the water. Enjoy the lush and rolling hills nearby; gaze in awe at the imposing volcanoes which sit like old titans on the mainland. Of course, if these spectacular sights fail to inspire, we guarantee you'll get a nice workout from a few hours spent paddling at sea!

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Trips to the Market & Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are available at any time during your stay, and they are full days of culinary fun! We will go to meet the purveyors and providers of our fresh ingredients, buy the produce we need, prepare and cook slowly - everything from scratch!

A minimum of two people are required for a class.

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